Palm Trees are not Trees!

It is sad but true, palm trees are not really trees, and here is why.

First palms are monocots and trees like oaks or pines are dicots. These terms have to do with the number of seed coats they have. Your lawn grasses are monocots too and so your palm tree is like a grass on some major steroids. Now lets look closer at the vascular systems of the two types of plants. Everyone knows how you can tell the age of the tree, you count the rings. Well, palms do not have rings, they have bundles of tubes that run from the roots to the head. These bundles give the palm its strength, whereas in trees, the layering (rings) of wood gives the strength. And one more difference is that palms have one meristem in the boot or head, while trees have meristems on all the tips of the branches and roots, and along the trunk.