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Ossabaw Consulting was established in 2011 to provide expert advice to individuals and professionals regarding their trees. Our passion for trees and the desire for customer satisfaction drive us to provide the best service possible.

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Tree Inspection

Arborist Reports

Management Plans

Management Plans

State your goals and objectives, describe the current condition of the forest and related natural resources on your property.

Arborist Reports

Assess the condition and health of the trees located on the specified property. The report provides recommendations for appropriate tree care and management, ensuring the safety and longevity of the trees.

Tree Appraisals

Providing a monetary value of plants and trees, in the event of a lost, starting a new build or doing forestry research.

Tree Inspection and Hazard Assessment

Our team of certified arborists and tree experts specialize in conducting thorough tree inspections to identify any potential risks or hazards. 

Providing Quality Tree services to Georgia and South Carolina areas since 2011

Based in Savannah Georgia, also known as “the Forest City”, our focus at Ossabaw Consulting is to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your trees. We are the only consulting arborist firm in Savannah, and we understand the importance of trees in this community. Ossabaw Consulting remains up-to-date in the latest in arboriculture technology. As information of trees and tree care improves, we apply these methodologies to our services, allowing us to be competitive and efficient, and you get better results.

We have specialized services for all of Georgia, South Carolina, Northern Florida, and Eastern Tennessee. We are staffed with ISA Certified Arborists, the highest expert credentials within the arboriculture and urban forestry profession. We work with other professionals (i.e. architects, engineers, property managers and land planners) to ensure that your trees will be a healthy long-term fixtures within your landscape. 

Trees are living organisms with many complex processes. Ossabaw Consulting is well educated about the physiological processes that occur within trees and we use this knowledge to give customized recommendations to meet your arboricultural needs. Our recommendations consider all impacts to the ecosystem, and we do not give recommendations that will have a negative impact on the environment. Our tree management recommendations mirror the natural environment in which your trees live and are designed to help them thrive.

Why do I need tree consulting?

Using a tree consulting company such as, Ossabaw Consulting can provide numerous benefits when it comes to managing and maintaining the trees on your property. These professionals possess specialized knowledge and expertise in arboriculture, allowing them to assess the health and condition of your trees accurately. By utilizing the a tree consulting company, you will enhance the beauty of your landscape, mitigate potential risks, and enjoy the benefits of healthy trees for years to come.

Our Happy Clients

“From start to finish, they exhibited a level of professionalism and expertise that exceeded my expectations!”

What truly set Ossabaw Consulting apart was their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. They took the time to listen to my concerns and address any questions I had, ensuring that I felt well-informed and confident in the decisions we made together.

– Costal Georgia Resident in Savannah, Georgia

Their professionalism, expertise, and exceptional customer service make them a cut above the rest.”

– Commercial Developer in Pooler, Georgia 

 “Our trees were dying and we didn’t know why. We called Ossabaw Consulting and they advised on what we needed to do to safely remove the trees and how to prevent this in the future. We are so grateful.”

– Low Country Resident in Charleston, South Carolina